Private Transportation

RATES 2023


RUMBO EXPLORA have carefully selected the best private transport options, from La Paz to Tiwanaku (Bolivia), all year around. RUMBO EXPLORA offer you the possibility to make your transport reservation, due that not all transport companies have an automatic booking system. We will confirm your reservation within 24 hours.

Private Transportation

La Paz / Tiwanaku: 74km US$110.00 01 – 04 people Minivan (Toyota-Nissan) N° of Seats: 05 + luggage space
La Paz / Tiwanaku: 74km US$130.00 05 – 08 people Van (Toyota Hiace) N° of Seats: 10 + luggage space
La Paz / Tiwanaku: 74km US$00.00 09 – 12 people Coaster / Sprinter (JAC) N° of Seats: 13 + luggage space
La Paz / Tiwanaku: 74km US$00.00
13-19 people
20-25 people
Minibus (Higer) N° of Seats: 25 + luggage space
La Paz / Tiwanaku: 74km US$00.00
20-30 people
31-42 people
Minibus (Higer) N° of Seats: 35 + luggage space

Private Transportation

DAY 01: LA PAZ (Bolivia) – TIWANAKU: A driver will pick you up from the hotel in La Paz (Bolivia) then you will be driven to Tiwanaku, which is located 74km from La Paz. The city of La Paz is located at 3600 m above sea level, surrounded by illimani a snow capped mountain. A living history, which treasures the pre-Hispanic times with all its traditions and magic rites scattered everywhere. Colonial and indigenous neighborhoods. On the way we will pass by the city of El Alto, where is located the international airport, besides there are “Cholets” mixture between two words “Chola” (andean woman dressed with skirts-polleras) and “Chalet” (French word, which mean house with garden), where the architect Freddy Mamani designed and built about 60 buildings. “Cholets” mean Neo Andean Architecture or Mansion, houses that belong to Aymara bourgeoise. Then we continue passing the local villages of  Laja, Tambillo. Arrival in Tiwanaku cradle of andean cultures. The archaeological site of Tiwanaku, reflects in its excellent work in pottery such as keros (ceremonial glasses), the huaco-portraits (three-dimensional portrait of a human face in a vessel) likewise textiles, architectural constructions with an astronomical orientation. According some studies Tiwanaku could be might be the lost Atlantis, as it is the second oldest culture in South America after Pucara (Peru); it has the status of Cultural heritage of the Humanity for UNESCO. Visit the museum lithic and ceramic, the archaeological site of Tiwanaku composed of seven architectural constructions as Kalasasaya, underground temple, pyramid of Acapana, Kantatallita, Kerikala, Putuni and Puma Punku. Formerly known as Taypikala, that in Aimara language means Central Stone. This culture stablished 1,000 BC, and it disappeared by 1,200 D.C. Tiwanaku has 3 periods of evolution of their culture which are: The villager, Urban and Expansive. Lunch at restaurant in Tiwanaku village. Then a return trip to La Paz city.
(Extension to Peru). For those who have connection to Peru, we continue with out trip, passing Guaqui village, finally arriving to Desa
guadero, town located between Peru & Bolivia. We go to Migrations Office of Bolivia & Peru. Then we continue to Puno (Peru), town located 147km from Desaguadero town, passing on the way the local villages of Zepita, Pomata, Juli, Ilave, Acora, Plateria, Chucuito. Arrival in Puno, cradle of andean civilization, located on the shores of Lake Titicaca, at 3827 m above sea level, with a population of 180,000 inhabitants. Around the main square (Plaza de Armas) of Puno is located the Cathedral built in 1757 by Simon de Asto. Puno is known as “the capital of Peruvian floklore” with more than 700 types of dances, besides the port serves as starting point to the islands of Uros, Taquile and Amantani. Transfer to hotel.

WHAT IS INCLUDED: Private tourist transportation from La Paz (Bolivia) to Tiwanaku, including visit of archaeological site of Puma Punku. Besides pre-trip information + organization and all local sales taxes. There are no hidden extras in our prices.
NOT INCLUDED: Additional charge for pick-up from hotels located in the south side of La Paz city. Escort guide during the trip, drinks, extras, tips.

IMPORTANT: Our land transportation vehicles have comfortable seats + oxygen & first aid kit + panoramic windows + 2 types of insurances as Certificate of Statutory Accident Insurance Transit SOAT, besides has vehicle Insurance Policy to all risks in record exclusive for foreign. Rumbo Explora provide to visitors all possible choices. Beware with illegal local Tour Operators or middleman, who do not pay the real costs to suppliers (transport, local restaurants & guest houses, tour guides & drivers). Help us avoid the explotation.




Technical specifications: Minivan Toyota-Nissan (05 seats) Van Toyota (10 seats), Coaster-Sprinter (15 seats) Minibus Higer (25 seats), Bus Higer (35-40 seats) Equipped with: Reclining seats, retractile seat belts, air conditioner, heating system, plugs for mobile devices.
First Aid Kit & Oxygen: Oxygen bottle & first aid kit in all our excursions & transfers Insurance policy: Our vehicles have National permit circulation and (Certificate of obligatory Insurance for accidents of transit SOAT, besides all vehicles have Insurance Policy to all risks in record)


You can see that in Rumbo Explora we have developed for you tailor-made itineraries with the best price as competitive as possible, providing an excellent service and paying our guides 10% above the legal wage agreed with the tour guides in Peru. Our staff are some of the best paid in Cusco & Machupicchu, Puno & Lake Titicaca, Arequipa & Colca canyon, Lima and Nazca & Paracas, which allows us to attract only the Best Tour Guides, Motor Boats and Land Transportation with national permit, to none other local company, that can only provide a cheaper price by providing a far inferior service and saving on staff costs, ¿How? Hiring tour guides in training without experience and not paying them, besides avoiding taxes to government.
Big Travel companies from Europe, North America, Australia and others work with the Peruvian Tour Operators located in Lima-Peru, who work as middlemen receiving from them good prices from the Tours & Packages, and paying to us 40 to 50% minor the normal price, besides 2 to 3 months delayed, being this the reason that Rumbo Explora have decided to offer tours & packages directly to travelers.


If you travel to Bolivia, visa is not necessary for U.S Citizens and most other nationalities. If you hold a passport from another country, we will send all information necessary otherwise check with your local consulate or embassy about requirements for travel to Bolivia. All passengers traveling internationally are required to have a passport. Please carry proper identification on you and do not leave in your suitcase or hotel room. In most of places like airports, train-bus stations, frontier or at any other check points you must to show passport, because some countries have laws that require you to carry your passport with you at all times and anywhere. If you are in any doubt please contact the nearest Bolivian Embassy.